Dental hygienists are intimately aware of the relationship between good oral health and physical and mental well-being.  They work with you to develop individualized oral care plans and offer guidance on healthy food and lifestyle choices.  They believe that cannabis use may increase bleeding and slow healing of lesions in the mouth and gums. “Dental hygienists want you to enjoy optimal oral and overall health in 2019 and beyond, which is why they are ready to have the cannabis conversation”.

Having nicely arranged pearly whites is very desirable.  It adds to beauty, self-worth and confidence.  Teeth that are out of alignment are less appealing aesthetically.  If they are crowded, they have a propensity to gum disease and maybe even tooth decay.  Crowded teeth may affect the way you bite and contribute to bizarre headaches and joint problems.  Often, they may contribute to poor chewing.  Crooked teeth can be a lot more deleterious than just appearance.  So if you have crowding, or teeth not meshing properly, have them checked out by your dental professional.

Probiotics seems to be the new buzz word.  Capsules of "good bacteria" are available in drug stores and even in supermarkets.  There are very few clinical studies with respect to probiotic bacteria and whether injesting them have a benefical effect.  Hundreds of species of bactera number to multi trillions of bacteria.  These bacteria live in a balance and a delicate ecosystem.  If we decrease the numbers of a certain specie (using antibiotics) we may cause others to increase in numbers, this alters that fine ecosystem resulting in disease.  What happens if we increase the numbers of a certain specie using probiotics?


As dental health professionals and providers, we want you to have good home care and we emphasise that frequently.  Never the less, brushing too frequently, or too hard, or too vigorously can be detrimental.  Please remember, we want you to clean your teeth, not grind them away!  All too frequently we see effects of over enthusiastic oral hygiene.

Sensitivity and Gum Grafting

Sometimes gum recession leads to severe sensitivity resistant to common desensitizing techniques.  The severe sensitivity affects lifestyle and daily comfort. If all else fails, a gum graft is considered.  There are different type of grafts that are used for different reasons. Some prevent further recession from occurring and others are used to replace missing gum tissue to cover the exposed root surfaces. Your dental professional will be able to advise you on whether you are a suitable candidate for a graft, and which procedure would best address your concerns.

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