As dental health professionals and providers, we want you to have good home care and we emphasise that frequently.  Never the less, brushing too frequently, or too hard, or too vigorously can be detrimental.  Please remember, we want you to clean your teeth, not grind them away!  All too frequently we see effects of over enthusiastic oral hygiene.

Sensitivity and Gum Grafting

Sometimes gum recession leads to severe sensitivity resistant to common desensitizing techniques.  The severe sensitivity affects lifestyle and daily comfort. If all else fails, a gum graft is considered.  There are different type of grafts that are used for different reasons. Some prevent further recession from occurring and others are used to replace missing gum tissue to cover the exposed root surfaces. Your dental professional will be able to advise you on whether you are a suitable candidate for a graft, and which procedure would best address your concerns.

Kids are so incredibly special because they are the most pure form of our human existence. We have a chance to teach them about making good choices.  Some of us impart less than lofty values to our children.  As humans, we are quite an example of imperfection!  We should recognize our short comings and try and improve our future generations. 

Dentistry is experiencing a growing trend of online direct-to-consumer (D2C) dental services promoted on TV and social media. These dental services range from mouthguards to orthodontics and are being performed by non-dentists or non-dental specialists.

Many of these services can harm patients irreversibly.  My association has prepared an information sheet for the benefit of the public.

Please utilize this free information and inform your friends and neighbours.

"Their glory, our responsibility". This was something I read in one of our local newspapers and it felt it was very poignant. We cannot forget the sacrifices made by our heros that affords us our present lifestyle. Cold Lake Dental Centre remembers and deeply values the services and sacrifices of our past and present military members.

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