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Do you snore?  If it is just snoring it may be an irritation to your partner.  Sometimes snoring is transient as in cases of extreme tiredness.  If it is persistent, then it should be addressed.  Snoring may be a sign of different underlying medical conditions.  If you stop breathing while you are asleep, it is called sleep apnoea and that is a medical condition that requires further investigation.  Hence, just snoring is boring, sleep apnoea is not! 

As the cooler weather sets in many people will note that their teeth are sensitive to cold air.  Sensitivity to cold can be as a result of several factors.  If you have cold weather sensitivity, talk with your dental professional and establish a diagnosis.  Often early detection can be beneficial in the long run.

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Kids are back to school and involved in sports.  Your child may have the latest gear and new equipment for the sporting activity that they are interested in.  Do they have the necessary oral protective gear?   

Injuries to the face and mouth in children are quite common and they are among the most distressful episodes affecting children and their parents.  Depending on the type and severity of the injury, the long term effects may be far reaching. 

If your child is involved in sports, ask your dental professional about a custom fitted mouth guard.  These can even be made to fit over braces! They have been shown to protect teeth and other structures.  Custom made mouth guards have been shown to protect against concussion or mitigate its effects. This is a great time to ask your dental health care professional about custom fitted mouth guards.

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