Dr. Summer Lysakowski

Dr. Summer Lysakowski was born in Edmonton. She moved to Langley, BC where she was raised. She went to school there and then to UBC where she received her BSc. Honours in Biotechnology in 2013 from the University of British Columbia. She then applied her knowledge and training as a cancer researcher. Her work included various parameters in Prostatic Cancer. This was very riveting and satisfying work. It broadened her horizon and widened her outlook. She even published some scientific articles. Then she got admission to the University of Alberta to study Dentistry. The next four years were a whirlwind of academic activity.

Dr. Summer loves to work with her hands. She enjoys and relaxes by painting and sculpting. She really loves and is passionate about playing flamenco guitar. She was even scouted by a music school and given the opportunity to have a career as a professional guitarist and musician. However, she had always known that she was meant to be a dentist. As a result of her unique background in both the science and the arts, she is able to apply these fields and achieve phenomenal results.

Dr. Summer was born without the protective outer enamel layer on her teeth. This required extensive and protracted dentistry. So the joke is that she practically grew up in the dental chair! She took the positive from those multiple and gruelling dental visits to form a unique perspective on dentistry. She can relate to her patients as she has undergone most procedures herself. Dr. Summer understands how much of an impact a great smile can have on one’s life. She takes great pride in helping her patients identify and finally achieve their dental goals.

 In her non-clinical time, Dr. Summer enjoys spending time with her husband. They love outdoor activities and are looking forward to the great outdoor options Cold Lake has to offer. She enjoys oil painting and sculpting. She is not very good at golf, but plans to get better at it. So tips and pointers from Cold Lake avid golfers are welcome. Most importantly, she is very excited to call Cold Lake her home and make it a real home with her dream of finally getting a dog and a cat!!